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Manufacturers of cold finished steel bars.
American Bar Products, Inc. produces cold finished bar products using a unique process that yields superior quality and competitive prices. We are guided by the principles of employee empowerment, incentive-based compensation, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

Safety is the foremost consideration in our production process. We have had zero lost time accidents for full-time employees. Every team meeting begins with a review of safety, our safety policy and safety input from our employees. Our goal is zero lost time accidents.

American Bar Products, Inc accepts the responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of our business, and we are committed to being a steward of the environment. We produce no emissions, and all of our scrap is recycled. Furthermore, a significant proportion of our raw material is produced with recycled steel. Our environmental policy is guided by:
zero emissions, reduce, re-use and recycle.

Cold finished C-1018

Size capability:
0.125” x 0.75”
0.375” x 12.000”

all intermediate sizes
American Bar Products, Inc. uses an internally developed process that enables us to hold tight tolerances while producing defect-free edges. We can customize hardness, thickness, width and length to optimize end-user preferences. We are committed to continuously improving our process.
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